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We have the best Dental Hygiene team in town, and we provide dental cleaning prophylaxis and teeth whitening in a caring environment.

Welcome to your dental office website. Our desire is to assist you in achieving your goals of preventive dental health and a beautiful smile. If you are new to the office, we are glad to have you, and we will work to earn your trust. Enjoy this website, as it was designed for you, our friends, to help you navigate your dental needs and desires. You will find an abundance of information about our practice, procedures we provide, and dentistry in general. Laser dentistry, digital dentistry, implant planning and restoration — it's all here! We believe you should have as much information as possible in order to make informed, important decisions regarding your oral health and treatment options. By the way, regularly scheduled dental exams are more important now than ever because we have a way of reversing new cavities that are seen on our xrays! Don't wait!

Please make sure we have your cell phone and email contacts, both for appointment reminders and for seamless communications. We now hold Fellowship status as a member of ICOI oral implantologists, as well as we are a Waterlase laser dental office, which allows us to provide many treatments without the dental handpiece. Additionally, we are Preventive-focused and would rather reverse a cavity, with the newest Fluorides and research on our side, than do a filling for you! Get to know us and check out our community outreach, as well...


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Highlights the Hoyle Family


"Not only is the dental service always superb… Dr. Hoyle's attention to detail noted a small lump in my wife's neck last year and that early detection was priceless! While diagnosed with lymphoma, catching it early was a huge advantage. So when they look for those abnormalities — it's for a reason. And we are so fortunate — thank you Dr. Hoyle!!"
Submitted 2/7/2013 by H.C.

Statement Of Professor Emeritus

Sep 09, 2011 by James Louis Martyn
I am very glad to add my personal word about the superb dental service I have received from Dr. David Hoyle. He has given help in numerous situations, but my major thanks go to him for fitting me with the use of a dental appliance that takes care of problems caused by SLEEP APNEA. For me the appliance (TAP) is superior to the CPAP; I am indebted to Dr. Hoyle for improving my quality of life.


Just Say No!

Just say no to the temptation to let things go without regular check-ups! Do you realize that you can generate hundreds of pounds of pressure on your back teeth just from chewing, and more if you grind or clench your teeth? If you have large plastic fillings, you are at an even greater risk of silent tooth fractures that do not stay silent for too long. We can see most fillings that are failing, using our digital photos and digital radiographs, before the teeth actually break. And if you do have a deep crack, we can usually cover the fractured tooth with a crown that holds it together long term. We can even stop a new cavity using the laser, if the tooth is not badly damaged. Since periodontal disease is very common, evaluation will keep you informed about early bone loss and inflammation. We call our work Preventive Dentistry because "An ounce of prevention (early) is worth a pound of cure(later)," so thank you, Ben Franklin

Chapel Hill Laser Dentist Trained by WaterLase:

We take seriously the trust you place in us. We desire to get to know you and guide you to make wise choices in dental healthcare. We are looking forward to meeting you. We will know when we have done well, because you will send your friends. Approximately 80% of our patients come by referrals. This is the highest compliment you can pay us, and we will do our best to deserve it. We work hard to keep current and to train ourselves in providing the best, and usually the latest, dental procedures that are available. We are a proud Sponsor of the Duke Medicine Orchestra.

To make an appointment, please click on "Make an Appointment," appointment reservations, or contact our office by phone at 919-929-7155. You can also request an appointment through the "Patient Login" tab on the right of the webpage. Our office facilitates communications and emergency calls; and appointments are available and welcome, especially for our current patients but also for new patients seeking help. This has been the kind of dentistry you could expect from Dr. David J. Dobson; and it is also what you will find in this "transfer of trust" with the dental care delivered by Dr. David E. Hoyle and the exceptional staff you have grown to love over the years.

Welcome to David E. Hoyle, D.D.S., conveniently located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina near the intersection of I-40 and 15-501.

Your kind referrals of family and friends are the best advertisement ever!

Dr. David E.Hoyle, DDS and Chapel Hill Dentist Staff


Chapel Hill Laser Dentist Trained by WaterLase

ICOI International Congress of Oral Implantology — Fellow

Our office is now certified by the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) to provide oral implant care for your friends and family, including implant-retained overdenture construction. This increases chewing function from about 20% with a regular denture to almost 85% with such an overdenture, providing greatly improved nutrition and esthetics for the user.

APPARENT HIGH COST OF IMPLANTS: For individuals who are missing teeth or have ill-fitting dentures, dental implants can bring relief. A dental implant provides a permanent replacement that looks and functions just like the missing tooth. Multiple implants can be used to securely anchor dentures for a stable fit with no slipping, since they are implanted into the jaw bone.

Dental implants are essentially titanium screws that are placed through the gums and into the bone. After several months, as osseointegration occurs, the jawbone grows around the implant to support it. Once the dental implant is stable and fully integrated into the jawbone, it can be capped with a crown or used in conjunction with dentures to keep them from slipping. Although it is a relatively simple procedure, the placement of dental implants is typically done methodically and carefully, taking about an hour.

An implant is the strongest, most natural-looking solution for a missing tooth, implants are ideal in that they do not compromise the adjacent teeth. While dental implants cost more up-front than a bridge or dentures, they are economical in the long-term because they can last a lifetime with proper care. A family history of medical conditions such as bone loss or diabetes may be a complication, so be sure to discuss this with your dentist before you decide to go ahead with the implant restorations. We have at our office a CBCT imaging device (cone beam computed tomography)that measures the volume of bone to confirm that you would be a good candidate for the placement of an implant.

Dr. Hoyle offers patient payment plans with reasonable terms. However, if you find dental implant cost to be prohibitive, there are alternatives. Our doctors can discuss with you partial dentures, bridges, and other restorative procedures to replace missing teeth. During a relaxed, compassionate consultation we will explain these and other options that may help you with your dental concerns.

Call 919-929-7155 today to schedule a consultation appointment and determine the best course of action to improve your smile!

Chapel Hill Dentist David E. Hoyle, DDS