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Tongue Condition May Offer Clues To Other Health Issues.

(3/20, Kloss) reports on nine health issues an inspection of the tongue can reveal, including a vitamin deficiency, a yeast infection, normal aging, irritation, stress, and other issues. A tongue that has “brown or black fuzz” on it may be a sign of “black and hairy tongue,” which is “not cause of major concern.” Reader’s Digest reports ADA consumer advisor spokesperson and New York City dentist Ada Cooper, DDS said, “We have papilla, small bumps on the surface of our tongue, which grow throughout our lifetime,” and that they are typically worn down through normal chewing and drinking, but may become overgrown and more likely to harbor bacteria or discolored from food. Quitting smoking, and using a tongue scrapper “may be all you need,” said physician Jack Der-Sarkissian.

Check out the Waterlase dental laser we use from Biolase:

Congress of Oral Implantologists:

Our office is now certified by the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) to provide oral implant care for your friends and family, including implant-retained overdenture construction.  This increases chewing function from about 20% with a regular denture  to almost 85% with such an overdenture, providing greatly improved nutrition and esthetics for the user. The Waterlase laser makes placement and restoration of implant teeth easier.

The TAP appliance, for those who suffer with sleep apnea and snoring, positions the lower jaw forward during sleep and opens the airway for better sleep in most patients. Designed by Dr Thornton, it is called the TAP (Thornton Anterior Positioner appliance).



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